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Here are our three top medical technology companies for 2018!

It's 2018, and once again, the market is in love with medical technology.

Medical devices -the med-tech sector- have been a top performer for the last five years running. Even better than biotech. And 2018 is more of the same.

The med-tech bull is loose again!

Medical devices beat the S&P by 103%, trounce biotechs, too!

You Know Where to Go, Now Zero In

There's never been a better way to scoop up winners than to find the best companies in the market's hottest sectors.

That's why you should turn your attention to Zenosense, Inc. (OTCQB: ZENO), Thermo-Fisher (NYSE: TMO) and Merit Medical Systems (NASDAQ: MMSI) immediately.

That's two medical device stalwarts with better than usual upside and one newcomer -ZENO- that could be your biggest winner in 2018.

This is how it goes when med-tech is running high... Look at these gains in less than two years!

  • AxoGen is up 512% in 21 months
  • Novocure is up 266% in the last 14 months 2017
  • Cutera has risen 372% in the past 20 months

And you don't have to wait for winners, either. The S&P 500 is down 1% to start 1Q 2018, but 26 med-tech stocks are already showing off double-digit gains!1

Take Heart with This...

If you are drawn to potential like this, it doesn't get any more exciting than
Zenosense, Inc. (OTCQB: ZENO).

Zenosense, through a joint venture ownership in MIDS Medical Ltd, is developing a revolutionary hand-held device to diagnose heart attacks when the chance to save lives is greatest - in the first minutes of the golden hour, as soon as it happens.

This is "point-of-care" technology, the best possible medical approach. It means that whoever responds to a cry for help, paramedics, an emergency clinic, rescue squad, or nurse, can use the Zenosense device to put the patient on the right track within minutes. No need to wait as the clock ticks down for lab tests to come back, no need to worry during a 20-30-minute ambulance ride to wonder what's really happening.

On June 19, the company released news of breakthrough quantitative product testing results. It was the culmination of seven months work. ZENO "watchers" were primed to buy...and when ZENO shares opened at around 27¢ that day...they started buying.

What happened next was breathtaking; ZENO soared from 27¢ at open to closeat 55¢

Shareholders doubled their money in just one day!

And here's the kicker...the following day ZENOhit a high of 77¢, which pushed it to a triple off the prior day's open of 27¢!

It doesn't happen like this every time, but when it does, you can lock in some impressive gains very quickly!

And just so you know, despite this big two-day gain, we see massive upside potential in Zenosense as it moves ever closer to a final product announcement. Now may be the ideal time to consider a position in a minimum, make sure that ZENO is on your watch list.

Now could be the ideal time to jump in; we believe the company has already achieved key milestones in its R&D.

Previous Milestones

(Mar, 17): Zenosense, Inc.: MIDS Medical Engages Future Diagnostics for Assay Consulting Services

(Jun, 2017): Zenosense, Inc. has received notice of a patent issuance in the U.S.

(Jul, 2017): Zenosense, Inc. -- MIDS Hybrid Strip Detection Testing to Commence

These R&D milestones set the foundation for recent achievements that have firmly validated the company's technology and moved it well along toward final stages of product development and market release.

Recent Milestones

(Nov, 2017): Zenosense, Inc.: MIDS Hybrid Strip - Successful Initial Test Results

(Jun, 2018): Zenosense, Inc.: Breakthrough Quantitative MIDS Testing Results

At this point we see these announcements as key signals to investors. Zenosense now appears poised for the kind of explosive growth that we reference above. We therefore recommend you consider ZENO as an immediate buy.

For more conservative investing in medical technology, we also recommend you consider two other healthcare opportunities. The first is an established blue-chip industry leader ThermoFisher (TMO) and the second a reliable growth-oriented mid-cap stock like Merit Medical Systems (MMSI).

ThermoFisher is a leading scientific research company that is incorporating advances in genetics into its diagnostic tools. We see tremendous upside in this arena. Further, ThermoFisher's leadership across in multiple medical technologies makes it a reliable long-term play - but also consider that this company could be a nice 25%-30% gainer in 2018.

Merit Medical Systems (MMSI) makes disposable medical devices used particularly in cardiology, radiology and endoscopy procedures. Medical disposables have such high margins that some medical device makers earn more on the supplies for their machines than they do on the hardware itself. MMSI also has good potential for 25% to 30% before the year is out.

What to do now...

Do your homework of course. Put these three companies on your Watch List so you will get bulletins each time they make news!

But don't dither waiting for lightening to strike. You'll get burned that way. Med-tech stocks can move strongly and suddenly upward on good news.

The Zenosense Opportunity in Detail

ZENO: Targeting A Health Risk Too Big to Ignore

Cardiovascular disease is still the number one cause of death globally - with 17.5 million deaths a year.2 It claims the lives of 1 in 4 Americans.3

That's why patients reporting chest pain must immediately be investigated for a possible cardiac event. Standard procedure calls for getting the patient to a hospital quickly for an immediate ECG, complemented by blood tests for the cardiac markers troponin I or T to diagnose AMI.

However, an ECG, while accurate when results are found, is only sensitive enough to detect a myocardial infarction in about 55%-66% of cases.4 That's why fast EKG's need to be confirmed with blood tests performed on central laboratory analyzers.

These tests are impossible at present in the field, and the blood work can take an hour even after reaching the hospital - leaving first responders like paramedics doing the best they can.

Rapid diagnosis leads to giving patients the right treatment during the first "Golden Hour." It's a life or death difference for many. That speed is crucial to survival. Equally, ruling out billions in healthcare costs.

This is where smaller, more speculative Zenosense (ZENO) shines.

ZENO is developing a handheld device is designed to be used right at the Point of Care.

That promises to be a major stride forward for saving the lives of patients suffering heart attack symptoms.

To date there is no other instrument that can be used in emergency settings that can deliver true lab accuracy and provide a diagnosis during this crucial hour.

Aiming for Gold-Standard Accuracy

ZENO's MIDS Cardiac™ is a hand-held device being developed to deliver high sensitivity, gold-standard laboratory accuracy in minutes. This means the right answer for patients as soon as possible - whether it's in the emergency room, at the bedside, in the ambulance or on the street where the patient fell ill.

And here's good news for investors watching ZENO - they have just reached a massive milestone. In June, ZENO released breakthrough quantitative test results for its patented MIDS technology. This groundbreaking technology can now detect an incredible four times lower number of assay beads needed for a high sensitivity test. Why is this so significant?

As ZENO's CEO, Carlos Gil, correctly points out:

"These results should not be underestimated. I am not aware of any other detection technology suitable for use at the Point of Care which comes anywhere close to achieving these results. We are now so far within the limit of detection I am extremely confident that high sensitivity rapid troponin testing can become a reality in emergency settings. Achieving these results is a huge step towards that. I truly believe we have a blockbuster technology in the making."

And remember, medical device companies don't have to reach market to explode... the MIDS technology is robustly protected by patents that make Zeno's subsidiary the only company ready to take the MIDS Cardiac device to market.

ZENO's Market Potential and Position Among the Competition

The global market for cardiac biomarker diagnostic tests is projected to reach $7.2 billion by 2018.

Several other companies are working to overcome the slow turnaround time for results from laboratory analyzers, including Abbott (NYSE:ABT), Roche (SIX:ROG), Alere (NYSE:ALR), and Trinity Biotech (NASD:TRIB). But none of them promises a true high-sensitivity instrument for instantaneous point of care diagnostics like the Zenosense MIDS Cardiac device is developing now.

For example Abbott (now the largest diagnostic company in the world with their acquisition of Alere) acquired i-Stat Corporation for $392 Million in 2003, (an amount which represents over 30X Zeno's current value!).

i-Stat Corporation specialized in a hand-held blood analyzer for bedside testing and Abbott launched the i-Stat Troponin-I test for cardiac events in 2004. But that doesn't mean it's a true competitor to ZENO, because I-Stat cannot match the results of state of the art laboratory analyzers during the early onset of symptoms.

Even with that limitation, the need is so great that i-Stat is now Abbott's leading handheld device and is used in more than one-third of all U.S. hospitals and emergency rooms.5 Imagine what will happen when a truly accurate ZENO device could be available!

ZENO Is Unique

Being developed to be considerably more accurate that the i-Stat... ZENO's device is a standout among massive competition.

For instance, Trinity Biotech, which claimed its device was "significantly more accurate than the current established point-of-care tests in the market"6 applied for FDA approval, but it didn't go well. At the FDA's request, Trinity abandoned its pursuit, admitting its device could not match the performance of the most recently cleared laboratory analyzer. 7

That leaves an enormous market opportunity ahead for a device like MIDS Cardiac™, which would not only deliver rapid results but become the first device on the market that also delivers true high sensitivity results equal or exceeding laboratory accuracy.

Headquartered at Sci-Tech Daresbury, a world-class science and innovation campus located in the UK the ZENO development team has over thirty years cumulative experience in magnetic sensors in the medical and bioengineering field.

Faster growth - Sci-Tech Daresbury companies have seen sales grow at 30%/year over the past 5 years
More investment - Daresburg companies raised over 80m to date.
500 new products and services in the last 4 years

Incorporating the patented MIDS technology, MIDS Cardiac™ uses highly sensitive, custom built "Hall Effect" magnetic sensors embedded within a disposable microfluidic test strip as a "Lab-On-Chip" device.

This can detect extremely low levels (nano-Tesla) of magnetic field disturbance caused by the test particles used in immunoassay tests. That is what makes MIDS Cardiac™ different from anything else on the market. Detection at these levels is unheard of and should allow accuracy and speed of results, which will significantly accelerate the triage, diagnosis, treatment and disposition of patients reporting chest pain and with suspected AMI.

That's why the ZENO team scientists give this small company such an edge:

Nasser Djennati
Chief Scientific Officer
MIDS Medical Ltd.
20 years expertise in Hall Effect technology and magnetic field measurement
Nanoparticle and sensor design for bio-medical and bio-sensing medical Point of Care devices.

We've already told you the MIDS device is striving to achieve gold-standard results right at the point of care. That alone will make it unique and open a huge slice of the cardiac healthcare market to ZENO.

But there's a lot more behind this product's likely future success that makes it a game changer for emergency medicine:

A game-changing Point of Care sensitivity and accuracy improvement, equal or superior to high sensitivity cardiac biomarker assays performed on central laboratory analyzers
Patient friendly, tiny finger prick sample rather than treated venous blood draw
An industry leading tiny 5 microliter blood sample, 3 to 400 times smaller (1 assay) than existing Point of Care devices for cardiac marker tests
Test times 3 to 7 times faster (1 assay) than existing Point of Care devices
Capable of 3 multiplexed assays (3 cardiac biomarkers in a single test strip)
Automated operation by minimally trained personnel even in an ambulatory setting
Considerably more cost effective for healthcare providers than existing test devices

Conclusion - There Are Three Great Stocks Here

We like Thermo Fisher, especially for a conservative portfolio. And we believe MMSI's growth rate should help it to do very well this year, though we have less faith in the longer term.

But we think investors looking for a home run should be excited about ZENO's prospects.

We believe that a technology that can match or exceed state-of-the-art laboratory accuracy and deliver results rapidly in a cost-effective device the size of an average smart phone will be in universal demand. That's what ZENO is promising, and could deliver.

Not only would ZENO's device, the MIDS Cardiac™ meet a critical medical need for the first time, it would undoubtedly attract a very substantial valuation.

Here, i-Stat serves as a useful aid for diagnosis. Its device falls well short of the state of the art laboratory analyzers, and yet, it can command a price tag of nearly $400 million. That suggests that an enormous valuation for MIDS Cardiac™ is achievable.

If the MIDS Cardiac device succeeds as we expect, the long term could be even more dynamic. By adapting the MIDS technology to numerous other immunoassay tests, ZENO could access a market that is projected to be worth $23.7 billion per year worldwide by 20198.

With unheard accuracy levels and industry leading features on every level MIDS Cardiac™ is a true blockbuster in the making and ZENO has potential to be the high growth stock of 2018 and way beyond.

For news releases from Thermo Fisher, go to:

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1 prices as of March 26, 2018

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